Make-up remover towelette, 100% cotton, biodegradable.

Moist make-up remover towelettes very soft and pleasant.


Moist make-up remover towelettes very soft and pleasant.

100% cotton towelettes and biodegradables. Intexter Certificate.

Being 100% cotton they have a very pleasant touch. They effectively remove makeup, the towelettes are being able to use on both sides, which allows a perfect cleaning leaving the face clean and soft.

Due to their quality, softness and comfort, they are ideal to put as a welcome product in the Hotel room (Amenities). At the particular level, they are perfect for regular use. Also, its size allows you to carry them in your bag, toiletry bag or travel suitcase.

Measures: Packaging: 10,5 cm x 5,5 cm

                      Towel (cutting measure): 18,5 cm x 12 cm

We can make them:

– In 4 colours: White, natural, blue and rose.

They are very soft and elegant colours. The blue and rose towelettes, once deployed, almost appear white. It is the special effect “light”.

The towelettes are individually packed in a recyclable pack and can be customized